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NEORT is a Digital Art platform that transcends the boundaries of tools to share expressions of artists.
We've been developing the platform to solve issues around Digital Art since 2018.

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Why do we start this project?

To build an environment to enjoy more Digital Art

The reason why we started this project is that we really want to provide an environment where people can enjoy and have fun with Digital Art. Digital Art is a rising and interesting field, and we believe that it will be the future of art. But in fact, there have been many issues around there. One of the biggest issues that we think that Digital Art has is "lack of experience as art". PC and mobile phones are not the best places for Digital Art. We need a new place for this beautiful Digital Art world and people who love it.


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  • 01. NFT support in NEORT

    Now it's obvious that NFT will be an essential and big part of the technology world since it has made a new sense of "value". And it's a relationship between artists and collectors. NFT can save the events that you join, the memorabilia that you have, basically anything on history as digital data. These are the elements that make Digital Art more valuable and interesting. So, we're going to support NFT in our platform NEORT. The chain we'll use will be Ethereum and artists in NEORT will also be able to upload their artworks without selling as NFT.

    NFT is now available at neort.io!!
  • 03. Digital Frame

    PC and mobile phones are not appropriate places for Digital Art. Displaying and browsing experience is still an essential part of Digital Art and real space is still good for it. So we're going to develop an original digital frame to display your Digital Art. It will be a device not only to display artworks that you have, but also to find new artists/artworks. Although we can't guarantee that holder of this NFT can also get the device, we're planning to do some giveaways or discounts.




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New artists will join the project from now on.

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